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REMODeL - Empowering and connecting you with your diabetes care team.

An innovative research project by Princess Alexandra Hospital, Metro South Hospital & Health Service, Queensland Health and The University of Queensland in collaboration with Net-Health.


REMODeL is a new model of Type 2 diabetes care being delivered at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in collaboration with Net-Health.

This model provides support outside the traditional clinic visits utilising eHealth tools developed by Net-Health and clinicians and researchers at Princess Alexandra Hospital and The University of Queensland. This model of care enables people with Type 2 diabetes to take control of their own health.

What does it involve? 
People with type 2 diabetes will have an appointment with a diabetes nurse educator and a doctor and an annual personalised care plan will be developed, tailored to their needs. In between appointments, people with diabetes will use the Net-Health mobile App to upload blood glucose level readings and other health information. Users will receive automated reminders and feedback based on the uploaded information.


The diabetes team will monitor the health data regularly and provide timely advice or initiate contact if needed. This will enable people with type 2 diabetes to be more engaged and take an active role in the management of their diabetes.

What are the benefits?

Personalised support

REMODeL will allow people with type 2 diabetes to be more engaged and take an active role in managing their diabetes and promote shared decision-making. Users will receive support and prompt advice and, if desired, personalised mobile messages based on blood glucose readings.


Monitoring of health information

REMODeL enables automated upload of health information to the App and its easy visualisation. The diabetes team will be monitoring the health information regularly.


Better access and connection to the diabetes team

REMODeL enables shared health information and prompt access to the clinic diabetes team if needed. People using the App can share their health information with any heath professional at any time and can also change their care plan when needed.

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